Stream Leaves

Stream Leaves - Ryspudin [cover art]

Ryspudin writes about Stream Leaves:

For thousands of years the mind has been likened to a stream and thoughts as leaves on it.

Newly fallen leaves float upon the surface but if the stream does not flow well, they become heavy and sink to the bottom. If you try and clear the stream, older rotten leaves and mud churn up from the bottom and dirty the water. Much better to leave the stream undisturbed and let the leaves float away by themselves.

As the title suggests the songs on this album are like leaves on a stream. Just some of my thoughts for you to hear as they gently float by. They tell a story of fall and redemption. Of the struggle against the random indifference of human existence, and then of the refuge and tranquillity that comes with the acceptance of such apparent absurdity. Stories are the lifeblood of the human condition and I hope that you, like me, find something in the telling of this one. After all, it is for me to remember and for you to understand.

Music is my refuge. It calms my soul. I would like to share my music with you. Thank you for listening.

For Those Who Fight Against The Night - A musical Journey of fall and redemption in two parts.

01. For Me To Remenber
02. As I Am
03. Don't Understand
04. Dragon
05. Into The Night
06. I'll Not Come Quietly
07. And Then I Fell
08. Fallen
09. Lost
10. When I Talked To You
11. How It Is
12. Stay With Me
01. Hang In There
02. See You In Me
03. Strength
04. Not Dead Yet
05. When All Is Said And Done
06. What's In My Mind
07. Home
08. And Now
09. Where Ever You Go
10. For You To Understand

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